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    Tree item Abner Yalu
    Tree item Anton Warakai
    Tree item Aravapo Leo
    Tree item Berry Loli
    Tree item Bomber Stealth
    Tree item David Putulan
    Tree item Dianne Sourang
    Tree item Graham Michael
    Tree item Jack Steven
    Tree item Joyce Kuri
    Tree item Lasei Bubun
    Tree item Margaret Chant
    Tree item Margaret Ori
    Tree item Martin Maden
    Tree item Martin Naura
    Tree item Michelle Pipou Lowo W
    Tree item Pearson Vetuna
    Tree item Ronald Bulum
    Tree item Rosemond Bukoya
    Tree item Rudy Sourang
    Tree item Sarahlyn Joku
    Tree item Tania Basiou
    Tree item Titi Gabi
    Tree item Wendy Dogura
    Tree item Zita Kuemlangan
Authors, Articles and Jokes
The Authors listed here are contributors to a Facebook social network group called Tok Pisin Jokes - PNG. Their contributions represent a certain richness of the modern culture of Papua New Guinea.

Tok Pisin Jokes in particular was a way of reaching out across diverse cultural boundaries. Through sharing the gift of laughter many cultural divides were watered down to the point where the "Joking Relationship" in Papua New Guinea has gone beyond clan and tribal boundaries and has now become an inclusive part of our national heritage.

Today, the country of Papua New Guinea is one of few countries on earth whose culture allows for the possibility to laugh at oneself. This laughing at oneself is one of the most precious gifts to the growth, wealth and well-being of every human.
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