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Gina's Wedding
Gina's Wedding Trailer

A documentary by Martin Maden

Gina's Wedding tells, in the form of a village chronicle from the highlands of Papua New Guinea, of a marriage under remarkable circumstances.
At the centre of these circumstances is Gina, a young German woman, and Napamogona, her village of adoption known locally as "Napax".
The village will celebrate the marriage according to local traditions.
An additional social goal - namely to alleviate the ancestral competition between two clans - shapes the hopes and expectations of the people.
As the film rolls, we see Gina steadily shed her status of young girl for that of a married woman - a Mama of the village - and a figure of reconciliation.
In tandem, the villagers struggle to put aside old quarrelsome reflexes and apprehend the inexorable onset of modernity.
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